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Chief Engineer



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Chief Engineer


CY Boston Downtown/North Station

Why did you join this Turnberry, specifically this property in this role?

I had worked for my previous company for 6 years and climbed from an entry level Service Technician to the only multi-site manager in the Northeast Region. I was not actively looking for new employment, but when the opportunity was presented to me and I began to learn more about the company and position I felt that it would be a very exciting new challenge in an industry that was new to me. The fact that this was a brand new building that I could get into from the start was very appealing also. It feels good to be able to put in place the practices and procedures that will keep this property beautiful and functioning smoothly for many years to come.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

Having the chance to start with a blank slate. In my previous position I was constantly battling age and neglect of my properties by previous management companies. While it was a very fulfilling feeling to “right a sinking ship”, it will be great to start fresh.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share?

Just that I am very excited to join the Turnberry team and have been blown away by the culture of this company. Everyone I have met has been so helpful and genuinely supportive and glad to have me aboard. I am really looking forward to continuing my career here with all of you!

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